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For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to register, click here.

Registration for Spring 2023 will open on Wednesday December 14, 2022. Scholarship applications are now open (scroll down to Tier 3 for the link).

Mosaic after school runs every school day from 2:30/2:40 until 6. View a sample schedule here. Mosaic offers holiday and half-day camps whenever possible. Please note, there is a separate camp for PreK. *

We are opening waitlist seats for after school on a rolling basis. You may not get a seat initially, but we will do our best to accommodate people on the waiting list. Please email if you are unable to add your child to the waitlist.

* NOTE: To register for school holiday and half day camps, click on Camps/Events in the Sawyer Registration Module below.

Cost & Discounts

Mosaic has a tiered payment system in an effort to better serve the entire PS 20 community. In this system families must assess their own tuition tiers.

Please NOTE: tiered pricing and the scholarship application here are for afterschool only. If you need a scholarship for a Mosaic camp day, please email

Families must assess themselves honestly. The program cannot run without adequate financial support from the PS20 community. The money raised by Mosaic pays for Mosaic staff salaries and supplies. It also enables PS 20 to employ school aids and to provide additional programming for the whole school.

As you look at the tier guidelines below, ask yourself not what you would like to pay, but what you are able to pay.

Tier 1. Consider this tier ($30) if any of the statements below are true. You:

  • Own the home in which you live

  • Have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money

  • Travel recreationally

  • Have access to family money and resources in times of need

  • Receive full or partial reimbursement for child care from your employer

Tier 2 [CODE: sp23tier2]. Consider this tier ($20) if none of the Tier 1 statements apply to you, but any of the following statements do. You:

  • Pay rent that accounts for more than 50% of your household income

  • Have large medical expenses not covered by insurance

  • Have immigration-related expenses

  • Are a senior citizen with limited financial support

  • Are financially supporting low-income family members who do not live in your immediate household

  • Are a recently incarcerated individual who is underemployed due to your incarceration history

Tier 3. Fill out the Scholarship Form if you:

  • Are unhoused, have a precarious housing arrangement, or live in temporary housing

  • Are unemployed

  • Receive public assistance including, but not limited to, food stamps and public housing

  • Have a household income of $50,000 or less for a family of 4 (or equivalent)

  • Facing severe financial hardship

** Feel free to reach out to our program director,, if you need assistance or advice.

We know this payment system may be confusing. Please reach out to the director or parent volunteers at for help.

Mosaic offers a 7% discount for families who register for 5 or more days (across a family, not per-child) in a semester. This discount will be automatically applied if your cart includes 5 or more days at check out. Depending on the functionality of our platform, the discount may not be reflected in your cart; rather, you may receive a refund after the fact.

How To Register

Once you add a class to your cart, you will have 10 minutes to complete your order before the class will be released to the next interested family. Be sure to double check your cart and your email confirmation to ensure you signed up for all your classes.

To register for fall semester classes, click on "After School" below. Class offerings are organized by day and grade - you can view them in a scroll or a calendar view. Click on the class you are interested in registering for. When in the next module, you may need to scroll up to click the Register button.

* When you register for a class, you register until the end of the fall semester. We do not take partial semester registration.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to register, click here.