Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to more questions coming soon! Before contacting us with queries about the program, please see if your question is answered below:

Mosaic History, Background, and General Information

When was Mosaic started?

History page coming soon!

Who runs Mosaic?

Learn more about our Program Director, Program Manager, and Program Assistants on our staff page.

How does Mosaic benefit PS 20?

Mosaic’s goal is to raise much-needed funding for the PTA to continue to support valuable school programs and initiatives that champion the social and academic success of all PS 20 students.


How do I enroll my child in the Mosaic After School Program?

Here are step-by-step instructions we put together.

How much does it cost? Do you offer scholarships?

Please visit our Register page to learn about our tiered payment system and scholarship options.

Do I have to pay up-front or is that a payment plan option?

You can choose either option, though Mosaic does recommend using a payment plan in the time of Covid. We found it was much easier to facilitate refunds when necessary during school closures in March 2020.

If I decide Mosaic is longer an option for my family after I book, can I get a refund?

Although there are no automatic refunds for Mosaic, if the program is not working for your family please reach out to us and we can hopefully work something out, including a possible refund.


What is the best way to communicate with Mosaic? How can I speak to someone directly?

If you need to ask some general questions, the Mosaic committee answers emails at
The best way to reach our Program Director, Ms. Eubanks, is via email at

Our phone number is (347) 766-2158, which you may use via voice or text, during school hours, 8:20 AM - 6 PM on school days.

Afterschool Programming, Schedule, & Logistics

What does a typical day at Mosaic look like? What kind of activities should I expect my child to take part in?
Mosaic Typical Day (Fall 2021):
2:30 PM - Students will be picked up from classroom, get settled, have a snack, play quietly with their friends
3:30-4:00 PM - Students will be able to complete at least 1 piece of homework, if applicable
4:00-5:00 PM - Students will engage in structured activities planned by Mosaic staff including positive youth development, arts/movement, sports and recreation, and STEAM Activities.
5:00-6:00 PM - Free play until pick-up (we take the children to the schoolyard, weather and daylight permitting)

How will my child(ren) be grouped during afterschool?

Children will be grouped by grade levels during Fall 2021. For example, if your child is a first grader, everyone in their group will also be in first grade at PS 20, although they will be from different First Grade classes.

How many staff will be with my child(ren)?

For Pre-K there is a mandated 9:1 ratio of staff to student; for grades K-5 there is a mandated 1:20-24 ratio of staff to student.

Is there a Nurse in the building during after school hours?

Yes, there is an afterchool nurse on site daily.

Is there someone there who will help kids with their homework?

Yes, the Program Assistants will help students with homework.

Will food and snacks be provided? If so, what kind?

Students will be offered a full nutritious meal each day they attend afterschool, starting the week of September 20th.

Is Mosaic programming different than it used to be?

In the past, Mosaic has had semesters when we have contracted with outside vendors to provide programming. In Fall 2021, we are not using outside vendors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we have expanded our amazing staff to provide our own exciting programming.

If my child misses a day, can he or she make it up?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide credit for missed days of Mosaic.


What does pick up look like during the time of Covid?

No parents are allowed in the building due to Covid-19; instead, dismissal will occur outside at the front entrance of PS 20 from 5-6 PM. If you wish to pick up your child earlier, please notify the program via email, phone, or text.

What happens if I won’t be able to pick my child up on time? Are there late fees for not picking up on time?

Parents who fail to pick up on time will be charged $1 for every minute they are late.


If school is closed and I need care, can I book Mosaic staff for babysitting services?

Yes, reach out to the Director and let her know which staff you are interested in requesting to check their availability.

Does Mosaic offer walk home services?

Yes, reach out to the Director and let her know so she can help find an available staff member.

Can I book Mosaic for my child’s birthday party?

More information coming soon.

Do I need to provide supplies for my child?

You may get an email requesting recycled items for a specific project, however it will be weeks in advance.

Does Mosaic take supply donations?

Here is the link for our Amazon Wish List.

Please check with the Director if you have specific items you are interested in donating specific items; due to space, we cannot collect any unsolicited/prearranged donations.